3 Cars for a 2 Car Spot

When I set out on my path of challenging myself to a 365 day railroad build, and added to that the desire to build toward 3 operating layouts by Memorial Day Weekend, 2022, I knew there would eventually come challenges that set one layout or another back far enough that I would have to wave the white flag on getting that done in time for the challenge, but the challenge to myself would continue with the other 2 projects.

71 days in, I’m pulling the plug on trying to get the London, Midland, & Scottish layout done for Memorial Day, 2022.  Getting supplies is the biggest challenge.  While I have 3 structures, I have no turnouts, no line on turnouts, and only a small handful of wagons.  Needing wagons, coaches, another locomotive, one or two more structures….. it’s not going to be Spring of 2022 when that layout goes into operation.

It’s not the end for that project.  I’m not giving up and walking away.  It’s just being removed from the challenge I’m undertaking to get something running by Memorial Day.  I still plan to have LMS trains running as soon as possible, and if supply chains improve, that layout may be up for display that weekend.  No matter how far I get, I’ll share the progress and share what the layout looks like at that 365 day mark.

So, Proto48 and HO scale are now the main focus of the plans.  On I go, with an update due soon.


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