A Personal Challenge: 300 Days & Counting

It’s been a good month of progress for several projects. I wanted to share where things are and what’s coming next.

First off, the Ice Dock I shared a photo of last month that was fully constructed is weathered and finished. Painting it involved acrylic paints and enamel washes. Painting and weathering the wood was especially fun.

Also in O scale, I finished painting the Banta Model Works shack and installed an interior in it. The roof was done with laser cut tar paper. Where this will go, I’ve yet to decide.

Beyond O scale, I also built a warehouse flat for use on the HO scale Wisconsin Central project. The building will go along with the machine shop I finished last month, and one more piece that I still have to build, to act as a tool and die company making stamped metal parts.

The fourth structure built and finished this month is a nice concrete loading dock from Rix. This will be part of the feed elevator complex, also in HO.

That’s 4 structures in the last month built or finished. I’m happy about that progress.

Up next, I’m finishing a pair of UTLX tank cars in O scale, a flat car in O, and a USRA gondola in O in August, and also going to work on the HO feed elevator. That should be the last HO structure I need to build, so that will provide a big milestone when I get there in August or early September.

Time to get back to the workbench.


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