In the fall of 2019 I started building a Rails Unlimited kit for a USRA Double Sheathed box car after deciding to create the kit into an ATSF Bx2 class car.  These cars are pretty standard USRA cars with little modification from the kit needed.  About the most complicated change was filling some holes in the doors that were intended for another grab.  I’ve written before about the challenges that the end ladders provided on this car, and maybe that’s why it hung over me and any other progress for almost 2 years, but 2020 was what 2020 was and little got done anyway.

Now, the Bx2 is finished and I’m pleased with the result.  I weathered it with washes of various colors from Ammo, AK, and Mig to get the grime right on the sides.  The roof walk was done with dry brushing 4 different acrylic wood colors from Ammo.  Additional rust and grime were added in places using alcohol weathering washes from Monroe Models.  The trucks were weathered with the same pallet, though Mig Oil Brushers for rust and Starship Bay Sludge were used on the wheels to get appropriate brake dust and grease looking faces.

The car has been tested on my small test layout, and I’m pleased to report that it rolls quite nicely on the Protocraft P48 trucks, and the working couplers join and hold to other cars.  

With this car done, it’s time to make some other progress on the Proto48 cars that were started about the same time but fell behind this one.  My goal is to finish 4 other cars that are close to done by mid-year and then decide what’s up next.

Coming soon…. YV benchwork!


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