Avoiding Decal Disaster

Did you spot it in the photo of the SP gondola I posted last week?  As soon as I posted the photo, I saw it.  Go have a look.

Top: A close-up from last week. See where the “S.P.” is…. that’s not prototype. Bottom: That’s much better with the letters and numbers in the right spots.

The “S.P.” was in the wrong spot.  Those should have been separated by the vertical support on the car side, not in the same space.  Uh oh.  I debated leaving it, I debated tossing the car, but I decided to see if I could fix it.  

As it turns out, if you haven’t set and sealed your waterslide decals you can remove them with simple scotch tape, the kind used to wrap gifts.  I pulled out the roll of tape and within seconds had the S.P. removed from the car side.  Fortunately I had a second set of that lettering, which I then applied to the car.

About a week later at this point, and the lettering is done and the car is sealed.  I’m glad I managed to remove the decals, and I’m glad I managed to correct what would have been a super jarring error for my eye every time that car winds up on display or on a layout.

I’m trying hard to get the details right (for me) on all my projects.  It’s not always easy, and sometimes mistakes are made.  It’s good to know they can be corrected.


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