Changing Times: Magazine Changes

Since I got my first subscription to Model Railroader Magazine for my birthday in April of 1988 (which started with the May 1988 issue) I have consistently subscribed to that publication, Railroad Model Craftsman, and off and on to other publications in the model railroad press.

To some extent, that 1988 issue, featuring the Auburn, Colma, and Placerville railroad is the reason I am modeling the YV, having decided at one point o model something similar, and through a few twists and turns to joining the YV Historical Society and deciding that prototype modeling is more for me than freelancing. While looking back again recently at that issue, I found it interesting that, even now, I am modeling 1928 where that inspirational layout was set in 1927. I suppose we don’t end up too far from a starting point sometimes.

A couple od days ago, the last issue of my subscription to Model Railroader Magazine arrived. Why “last”? Times have changed, and the model railroad press has too. MR was once “the” magazine, but there are other options these days from online blogs to new types of publications, and my scale has changed, so I find myself more in niche interests and less in wondering how the newest six axel modern diesel is running or what structures are joining the line of Cornerstone kits from Walthers.

Time also has a piece in some adjustments to my reading materials. There just isn’t time these days for everything, and the time I have I find I want to focus on things that are more readily applicable to what I’m modeling and doing.

So, my last issue of MR. That goes with the last issue of RMC from 2019,and the last issue of the NMRA magazine from about 4 years ago.

That leaves me with the Narrow Gauge and Shoreline Gazette and O Scale Magazine coming in the mail, and Model Railroad Hobbyist and O scale Resource arriving online. Add those to the growing list of blogs and self published social medial railroad pages, and the volume is about the same, just adjusted to my reality.

I’m working on projects, and will have updates on those soon!


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