NCTR 2361

The North Cumberland Town Railway (NCTR) is my HO scale diesel switching layout.  Set in the fictional town of North Cumberland, Wisconsin, following a fictional extension of the Wisconsin Central line that went to Rice Lake, the NCTR at North Cumberland has just a few customers that necessitate about a train a day, maybe more depending on the season.  In my fiction, the town has contracted with the Wisconsin Central to operate the daily train.  The main power for this train coming from Cameron is an ex-Milwaukee/SOO SDL39 (the whole reasons this project exists at all), but the town also has purchased a used ex-MKT/UP GP39-2 that occasionally will power the daily train, or can be stationed at North Cumberland to provide switching if needed by one of the customers.

While the SDL39 for the NCTR is still more than 6 months away, the GP39-2 model is an Athearn Genesis model that I’ve had for some time.  It has had a Tsunami sound decoder added by my good friend Larry at Creaky Chair Models LLC (i  With the locomotive back in my hands, I set out to weather it to mirror some photos of a similar unit I found online.

My prototype unit is NGES 2370.  Lots of photos of the prototype in patch-out paint can be found here:

Working from the photos, and using both acrylic and enamel products from Ammo of Mig Jimenez, MiG, and AK Interactive, along with some alcohol washes from Monroe Models, I built layers of weathering and added rust, dust, dirt, grime, and fuel streaks to the engine.

Once tested, the power is now ready when the first track goes down on the NCTR later this yer.

I am trying to live by my own rules, namely not using anything on a layout that isn’t weathered and ready for service.  The GP39-2 lives up to that, and I’m looking forward to seeing it on the NCTR as soon as possible.

Next time, the finished ATSF Bx2 for the Yosemite Valley.


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