Photo Diorama – Up on Legs

Just a brief update this week on project.  I’m working to push things forward and sharing even small steps of progress because it helps me to organize what needs to be done.

Been here before. The adjustment to a photo diorama from layout module was pretty straight forward and took only a couple of hours to assemble and to adjust the legs. At 48″ from the ground, the height is still for viewing and reach.

The photo module project has made it onto its own legs.  I’m very pleased with how fast this came together, and the weight is much better for a mobile platform.  Instead of 52″, the top is now 48″ from the ground, and it’s quite comfortable to stand at. I modified the angled braces from the previous effort on the legs into a single cross brace for stability, and that has worked nicely. The legs have pockets they fit into, and then the frame for the diorama base rests on cross members on the legs that are there to keep the legs aligned and to provide that support. Those same cross braces also provide a location to grab when moving the set up diorama, so there isn’t awkward holding points like the last effort had.

I will likely try and get basic color onto the diorama and a fascia onto the project before Fall.  I located my supply of small spikes and my splicing tools that I purchased a few years ago.  The next step will be to lay the roadbed product down and get that dry, and cut some styrene for the fascia.  I need to find time to draw the tie plates in a 3D CAD program because I need to have my own printed.  I don’t know of any commercial 3 hole tie plates out there at the moment.  

My modeling block is pretty much gone. I’m working at my 15 minutes a day program, making lists, planning work, and looking forward to finishing these things.  It would be amazing to be able to take photos of the finished freight car projects on the photo diorama.  That’ll be a neat thing to be able to share when we get there.


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