RPM Chicagoland Report

The 25th RPM meet, known formerly by several names, including the Chicago “Sunshine Meet”, RPM Naperville, and now RPM Chicagoland, took place over the October 18-20 weekend.  Mike and Katie Skibbie once again delivered a fantastic event with clinics given by presenters on a huge variety of railroad and modeling topics, an amazing selection of attendee built models on display, and some fantastic vendors as well.  It was wonderful to see so many friends, and to make new ones over the course of the event.

I presented the revised version of my Modeling with Low Vision clinic, discussing tools and techniques for addressing challenges with seeing the models, organizing the workshop, and operating trains.  I had a wonderful time with this clinic again, having revised it from the version I gave 2 years ago as the tools and workshop have evolved.  The handout for, and the clinic presentation both are available in the Clinic and Presentation Handouts section here.  

My wife, Kristin, gave her presentation on Poultry Cars, their history, and modeling challenges.  It was fantastic for her to have that clinic be as well received as it was by the attendees.  Her presentation and handout are also available on the Clinics and Presentation Handouts page.  She continues to work on compiling information on the Poultry Cars and plans to finish building the cars she has started, working through the challenges of completing the currently available kits.

I’m looking forward to developing some of the new friendships made over the weekend, and continuing those friendships that come together in person at these events.  

There are several galleries of phots already online.  My gallery is available here:


I also have a video I made of some the Modutrak trains and other items here:


Ted Culotta of Speedwitch Media also has a blog post and gallery located here:


Eric Hansmann has a gallery located here:


the event now passed, it’s time to organize and get to work on finishing projects that didn’t make it to RPM, and on new projects that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as they progress.


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