Time to Say Farewell

After many years of blogging about model railroading and trains, I find myself in a position where time is short for modeling, and little of what I do is “new” or “fresh”, with most of it being taken from others work these days as I move forward with my projects.

With that said, my online footprint has shrunk as well, and I just don’t have time to maintain and share with you in this format modeling and thoughts. As you likely have seen over the last few years, struggles with even getting models finished are now a normal thing, more so even than pining about track plans that I won’t build for one reason or another.

I’m not leaving modeling, I have projects, and I’ll continue to share those on my Instagram at legally_blind_modeler. For now, though, the chapter of sharing in a blog format is ending for me and I am at peace with that.

I hope some of what I’ve shared has been worth your time to read, and in some way inspired you to model, no matter what scale and what kind of models you build.

Until next time, friends. Watch for the markers and keep them on the rails.


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