YV29 after the YV

After the YV shut down and the equipment was liquidated, YV 29 was sold to a railroad operating in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.  There, the locomotive operated for years until it was retired, and eventually was placed on display in the parking lot near a train station in Veracruz, Mexico.

This is a Google street-view capture of YV 29 on display in Veracruz, Mexico
A Google satellite view of YV29 on display in Veracruz, Mexico

I recently ran across a DVD offering from Image Rail, titled the “Mexican Collection”.  This is a set of 8mm video transferred to DVD of some railman trips to Mexico from the early 1960’s. Knowing that a large number of US equipment retired to Mexico, I picked up the DVD in the interest of just seeing steam engines running, but with the bonus of the summary of the video saying that there was one trip that had been made to the Yucatan.  

First, it’s a fun video.  There are great shots of steam run bye in color.  Many of the locomotives I could identify from their original owners, and that was fun.

Two screen captures from the DVD of former YV29 in service on the Yucatan in Mexico in the early 1960’s.

However, the part that got me greatly excited was when I got to the portion of the video that shows the Yucatan trip.  In the waning light, apparently just before dark, a lone 2-6-0 rolled across the screen.  Using photos of YV29, I was able to identify the engine as the former YV29 recorded in service in Mexico.

That was a fun catch.  


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